Casares – a great day out in a beautiful Andalucian white village

If you are looking for a good day trip that won’t take all day, then a trip to Casares won’t disappoint.  

From our house in San Pedro De Alcantara you can drive to Casares in as little as 40 minutes. The most direct route is to take the AP7 road past Estepona, take the exit 153 and follow Pista Colada de los Molinos a E and MA8300 to Calle Molinos/MA-528 in Casares. A quick check with google maps will show you it’s quite simple.

As you approach Casares the road begins to wind and you see the beauty of the Spanish countryside and the wonder that is Casares. Houses seemingly cling to the edge of mountains as the views sweep before you.

As you approach Casares follow the signs to ‘CENTRO HISTÓRICO’.  Whatever you do,

don’t drive downhill.  Park at the top.  In the summer months, a policeman will probably be there to encourage you to do so.  The walk down to the town is gorgeous, through narrow winding streets. 

 Once there you will see why it’s pointless to drive down.  It’s a beautiful white village.  A walk around this historical place makes you wonder how they built it.  History is all around you.  Apparently, Casares got its name after one Julius Caesar popped in one day to receive the healing sulfurous waters of La Hedionda.  The Romans and Arabs have left their mark on Casares. 

A walk around the village shows there are few modern trappings,  just a sense of history and of a village quietly going about its business.  Although the area sees plenty of tourists you don’t feel people all around you.  There are lots of artisan shops to visit and tapas bars throughout.  It is a little taste of Spanish life.

Casares nestled in the mountains

Before you leave make your way to the edge of the village to take in the views from the cliff edge. There you will marvel at the birds majestically carried in the airstreams above.  For the ‘twitchers’ amongst you, you will see falcons, peregrines and eagles.

View from the top of Casares

On the way back we stopped the Venta Victoria, a family-run restaurant for a tasty late lunch. We sat out on the terrace which was lovely and enjoyed the spectacular views. The food was delicious, fresh, and homemade, and very inexpensive.  Ask them what their special of the day is and go for that..

There are a number of other restaurants to try on the way down, we will write about them as we try them.

Was the trip to Casares worth the day?  Definitely, yes.  Lovely to see one of the beautiful white villages and stupendous views and enjoy traditional Spanish food on the way home.